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A2Z Pest Control providing 24/7 Quick & Fast Wasp Nest Removal Service in Ottawa. Mated females will over winter, while males and unfertilized wasps will die. In the spring, potential queens compete for control of a nest by attempting to lay more eggs than the other. After a short competition, one queen will dominate the nest; other subordinate females will no longer attempt to lay eggs. New males and females will emerge, mate and complete the life cycle. The old queens die and the old nest is no longer used. A new species of Polistes (P. dominulus), the European paper wasp is now found in Ontario and is more aggressive than native species. It prefers cavities for its nests and will build on a vertical surface as well.

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Wasp Nest Removal Company in Ottawa

Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

Length : Worker 12-18 mm
Color : Worker is black and yellow

Yellow jackets prey on other insects but also scavenge. Since they forage over long distances, it is often difficult to locate their nests. There are four common species of yellow jackets in Ontario. The German yellow jacket is the most frequent pest species and also makes the largest nests, with a possibility of more than 3000 wasps in a colony.

The fertilized queen can usually be found over-wintering inside buildings or wood piles. In spring a new colony is established by the queen in a hollow stump, below ground in a cavity, in a wood pile even a hollow tree, or other protected voids such as an attic. The actual nest has many layers (combs) that are surrounded by paper, which is made from wood fibres.

yellow jacket wasps
paper wasps

Paper Wasp (Umbrella Wasp)

Length : Worker 15 mm
Color : Worker is brown with thin yellow markings

Polistes wasps or umbrella wasps are much more docile than other paper wasps (any social wasps that makes its nest out of paper). They buld inverted, exposed cell, umbrella-like nests under eaves and in old buildings. The number of wasps living upon the nest is small, usually less than a dozen, and they rarely sting unless the nest is disturbed or they are molested. Guard wasps will orientate their bodies in line with an approaching intruder and begin to quiver and raise the forelegs if the approach is too close (this is a warning that any attempt to approach closer and the wasps will attack).

Credit:-> Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification


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