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Wildlife Animal Control Service in Ottawa

A2Z Pest Control offering Wildlife Animal removal services in Ottawa. Our company having experienced animal controller for removing any animal from your residential or commercial space.

How Our Team Works

Visit Your Home / Office

Our Professional Technicians first visit and take time to understand your pest control needs & offer best solution for it. Our expert team will listen to your concerns, and explain the pest treatment process to guide you.


After full inspection our Expert offer you Best Solutions that you need in your Home / Business. As per the need / requirement we suggest solutions that helps you to solve your Pest Control problem with effective results.

Follow Up Visit

After completing Pest Control our Job is not over. Our expert regularly visit your Home / Business and inspect if anything need to be done. So that again you don’t have to worry about any new Pest issues.

Extra Services

A2Z Pest Control provide extra service to all of our customers. Services like Free Inspection, 24/7 Support, Free Guide, Professional Consulting, Onsite Work & lots of more services for all Home / Commercial Businesses.

Wildlife Animal Removal Services in Ottawa

racoon control service in ottawa

Raccoon Pest Control

The Raccoon is highly intelligent carnivore belonging to the the family Procyonidae and is related to bears and to the giant Panda. Generally it is active only at night, and may become a nuisance in suburban areas when it raids garbage cans for food. It has few natural enemies except for the bobcat, fox and coyote.

The raccoon is omnivorous, feeding upon fish, frogs, small mammals, birds and their eggs, molluscs, crustaceans, fruits, nuts, small grains and corn in storage and in fields. The slender toes (fingers) on its front feet are used with great dexterity in grasping small objects and in searching for food. The large surfaces of its hind feet allow it to balance easily.


Skunk are well known group of fear bearers belonging to the family (Mephitidae). Since they are not particularly disturbed by human’s presence and activities, they will frequently move in from their native habits and take up residency beneath buildings.

Skunks are often found in wooded areas, close to stream banks and irrigation levees. Litters of 4-7 young born in late spring or early summer. Some females may produce a second litter the same year.

The odour of Skunk may be strong or only faintly evident at inhabited dens. Occupied dens will often shows signs of fresh digging, at least in springs. Droppings will be evident, and usually contains numerous insect fragments. Hair and rub mask can also be found.

Skunk are nocturnal in behavior. Their occasional presence may go unnoticed around buildings for awhile, until they take up occupancy beneath a building or have a confrontation with some other animal, leaving the telltale reminder of their presence.

skunk control service in ottawa
squirrel control service in ottawa

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels are rodents which belongs to the family Sciuridae doing with chipmunks and ground squirrels. Squirrels Species found in Ontario are collectively called “Tre Squirrels” because usually they nest in Tree.

Nest are usually in holes in the tree or a leaf nest constructed in branches eight meters or more above grounds. Nesting will also occur in attics or eaves if they are accessible.

Groundhog Removal Service

Groundhogs are rodents which belongs to the family Sciuridae along with chipmunks and squirrels. The groundhog lives in burrows in pastures. Burrows have openings from 20-30 cm across and can be 1.8 meters deep to 10 meters long. They hibernate below ground in hedgerows or woods rather than the pasture burrows. Mating occurs in spring.

A single litter of four to five young is born in April or early May. The young disperse after about two months to live a solitary life. Groundhogs will usually enter into hibernation October.

They feed on green vegetation and forage crops such as clover, alfalfa, and on green vegetables such as beans. They are most active in the early morning.

groundhog control service in ottawa
bat control service in ottawa


Bats the only true flying mammals, are not rodents but belongs to the order Chiroptera. They are cosmopolitan in distribution and are among the most numerous land of vertebrates. A bat’s wings are formed by thin membranes that extend from the greatly elongated forearm and finger to the hind limbs and body. In situations where bat colonies may or do contain rabid bats or droppings contain Histoplasmosis fungus it may be necessary to remove the bats.

Before the appearance of man in North America, bats presumably used tree holes as major summer roosting sites to provide protection from weather and predators. With deforestation bats lost some of their natural roosting sites. Some species began to use buildings as an alternate refuge. Odours from bat droppings (called guano) and the noise they make in attic colonies can be bothersome.

Credit:-> Ontario Pesticide Training and Control

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Stittsville / Kanata / Nepean / Orleans / Barrhaven / Vanier / Center Town / Manotick / Kemptiville / Rockland / Carleton Place / Emburn / Navan / Greenly / Osgoode

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Do you provide a free quote?
Yes, A2Z Pest Control provides free quotes. To get a free quote from our exterminator we need detailed information related to infestation.
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Timing 8 AM – 8 PM ( Emergency Service Available )

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Yes we do customize treatment and preventative plan according to needs.
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We cover Stittsville, Kanata, Nepean, Orleans, Barrhaven, Vanier, Center Town, Manotick, Kemptiville, Rockland, Carleton Place, Emburn, Navan, Greenly and Osgoode.
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Cost depend on the pest control service that you want to do in your premises or property.
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No definitely not, each property is separate with different pest issues, our licensed technician have different approach to various kind of pest.


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