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A2Z Pest Control Company provides Quick & Fast 24/7 Ant Removal Services in Ottawa. With our team of experts specializing in ant extermination and ant removal, we promise to give you an ant-free house.

We understand that ants can be bothering you in your workspace or home. They’re a menace and they enter and ruin furniture as well. There are tons of home remedies available and we know you’ve tried them and we know they don’t work. Hence, we’re here to help you out. Our team of experts is available 24/7, we are just one call away.

How Ant Exterminator Team Works

Visit Your Home / Office

Our Professional Technicians first visit and take time to understand your ant pest control needs & offer best solution for it. Our expert team will listen to your concerns, and explain the pest treatment process to guide you.


After full inspection our Expert offer you Best Solutions that you need in your Home / Business. As per the need / requirement we suggest solutions that helps you to solve your Pest Control problem with effective results.

Follow Up Visit

After completing Pest Control our Job is not over. Our expert regularly visit your Home / Business and inspect if anything need to be done. So that again you don’t have to worry about any new Pest issues.

Extra Services

A2Z Pest Control provide extra service to all of our customers. Services like Free Inspection, 24/7 Support, Free Guide, Professional Consulting, Onsite Work & lots of more services for all Home / Commercial Businesses.

24/7 Ant Pest Control Treatment in Ottawa

carpenter ant

Carpenter Ant Pest Control

Length : Workers are 6-13 mm
Queen is 25 mm or more
Color : Reddish brown or black
Other Features : Large mandibles, rounded thorax, single node, cone hairs on tip of abdomen

Carpenter ants primarily take advantage of moist conditions in structural wood, wall voids, insulation and hollows of doors etc, to construct their colonies. A colony will consist of different castes (i.e. larvae, pupa, minor and major workers, reproductives and a founding queen). In late spring and/or early summer, winged reproductive adults (alates) will swarm from a mature
Carpenter ant colony. 

Pharoah Ant Removal Service

Length: Adult ant is 1.5 mm
Color: Adult ant is yellow or light brown to red
Other Features : Club at end of antennae has three segments.

These minute, multi-colony ants are extremely difficult to eradicate. In hospitals they have become a serious health concern, transmitting infectious disease because of their attraction to blood, intravenous fluids, body fluids and wounds.

pharoah ant
Pavement Ant

Pavement Ant Treatment

Length : 3-4 mm
Color : brown to black
Other Features : Head and thorax have fine parallel lines

Houses with slab on grade construction, especially where expansion occurs in a slab or at the wall floor junction, provide easy access from the subterranean nests into the structure. The pavement ant nests in soil, beneath slabs, and between walls, or beneath patio slabs. It prefers grease and oils, but will eat insects and sweet material.

Credit:-> Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification

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