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A2Z Pest Control Company providing 24/7 Quick & Fast Fruit Fly Control Treatment in Ottawa. Domestic flies can be a nuisance and are also identified with the mechanical transfer of disease organisms. Pathogenic organisms can be transferred by domestic flies, especially the House fly, where faecal matter, vomitus (drops of regurgitated liquid) and bacteria adhering to the fly are deposited on human food or food preparation areas.

Domestic flies are classified in the order Diptera, meaning they have only one pair of wings. In fact, a second pair of wings is modified into two stern-like stabilizing structures called “halteres” which are used to prevent the fly from spiralling when in flight.

How Our Team Works

Visit Your Home / Office

Our Professional Technicians first visit and take time to understand your pest control needs & offer best solution for it. Our expert team will listen to your concerns, and explain the pest treatment process to guide you.


After full inspection our Expert offer you Best Solutions that you need in your Home / Business. As per the need / requirement we suggest solutions that helps you to solve your Pest Control problem with effective results.

Follow Up Visit

After completing Pest Control our Job is not over. Our expert regularly visit your Home / Business and inspect if anything need to be done. So that again you don’t have to worry about any new Pest issues.

Extra Services

A2Z Pest Control provide extra service to all of our customers. Services like Free Inspection, 24/7 Support, Free Guide, Professional Consulting, Onsite Work & lots of more services for all Home / Commercial Businesses.

24/7 Flies / Fruit Fly Pest Control Service in Ottawa

Cluster Fly Control Treatment

Length: Adult is 3-6 mm
Colour: Adult is dark grey
Other Features: Adult has yellow hairs at side of thorax. Wings folded over back. Larvae found as parasites of earthworms.

Cluster flies resemble House flies. However, they are easily distinguished by their sluggish behaviour, and by wings that overlap when at rest. They derive their name from their habit of entering a house from August to September and “clustering” together to overwinter.

cluster fly
house fly

House Fly Exterminator

Length: Adult is 3-6 mm
Colour: Adult is grey with yellowish abdomen
Other Features: Adult has four dark longitudinal stripes on
the thorax; red eyes

The female House fly lays her eggs in warm, moist, rotting, high protein organic matter. The eggs hatch into larvae (maggots). These pupate after one to two weeks to emerge as adults two or three days later. Under ideal conditions, house flies can complete their entire life cycle in a week.

Fruit Fly Pest Control

Length: Adult is 2-4 mm. Larva up to 8 mm
Colour: Adult is grey-brown
Other Features: Adult has four longitudinal stripes on the thorax. Larvae have lateral projections.

Although the Lesser House fly resembles the House fly, it is slightly smaller. It can also be distinguished from the House fly by differences in wing venation. 

fruit fly pest control

Credit:-> Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a free quote?
Yes, A2Z Pest Control provides free quotes. To get a free quote from our exterminator we need detailed information related to infestation.
What are your opening times?

Timing 8 AM – 8 PM ( Emergency Service Available )

Do you offer long term service?
Yes we do customize treatment and preventative plan according to needs.
Where in Ottawa do you cover
We cover Stittsville, Kanata, Nepean, Orleans, Barrhaven, Vanier, Center Town, Manotick, Kemptiville, Rockland, Carleton Place, Emburn, Navan, Greenly and Osgoode.
How much does it cost?
Cost depend on the pest control service that you want to do in your premises or property.
Do you treat every property the same way?
No definitely not, each property is separate with different pest issues, our licensed technician have different approach to various kind of pest.


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